Are you afraid your previous dieting efforts have doomed you to fail and caused metabolic adaptations you can’t overcome?

Here’s how you can achieve your leanest, strongest body REGARDLESS of your age without starving yourself or cutting out the foods you love.

As Seen In
As Seen In
It’s not too good to be true. It’s not a fad diet. 
It’s the breakthrough you need to actually create the lifestyle that matches your needs and goals and get off that dieting roller coaster - losing the weight only to regain it and more weeks or months later.

And I’m not even going to tell you it will be EASY to start. Because change requires change and most of us don’t like change.

But it IS the answer fad diets don’t want you to find because once you learn these nutritional fundamentals, you’ll never need another diet again.

Hi! I’m Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength
Listen, I’ve made all the mistakes. I’ve tried all of the crazy diets out there. I’ve cut out whole food groups, plummeted my calorie intake, and spent hours training in the gym doing cardio just to stare at the same number on the scale each morning…

I know the constant frustration, madness, and disappointment this roller-coaster brings.

That’s why I’ve taken what I’ve learned over the last 12+ years and developed a unique system that has transformed the lives of 10s of thousands of clients worldwide.

I help women like YOU become their leanest, strongest, and most confident selves at every age.

My training and nutrition system has been featured in Women’s Health, Shape, and Self, and I was named one of the top 10 home workout programs by The Guardian.

I’ve helped women like you around the world, and now I want to give you the answers you’ve been searching for. 
95% of diets fail
Did you know 95 out of 100 dieters fail. Pretty nuts right?! It's a shocking statistic that makes me a little angry 😡 

What do all of these failed dieters have in common? Failing wasn't their fault. They just didn't use the right method.

And I want to show you what the method is. The EXACT system that not only worked for me...but that I've helped over 50,000 people around the world implement to hit their goals
Eat What You Love and Still See Results 
Now if you’re thinking “I can’t just eat whatever I want and see results.”

You’re right.

You can’t. 

But in no aspect of our life can we do exactly what we want when we want to 100% of the time.

There is always a balance. 

Yet too often we take this all or nothing approach to dieting.

We cut out everything we love.

We restrict things completely.

We slash our calories so low we constantly feel low energy and hungry.

And we don’t consider the long-term sustainability of our plan.

We just think DO MORE.

But in order to MAINTAIN your results long term and not just rebound, in order to create the consistency you need to see results, you NEED to embrace finding YOUR personal balance.

And that actually means you SHOULD include foods you enjoy regularly while sometimes even EATING MORE to see the fat loss you desire.

Honestly, this exact thing is what was most eye opening for many of my clients…

The fact that they could restrict less and eat more and get BETTER and FASTER results.
Eat more. Restrict less. See better results.
This goes against basically what we feel like dieting has been our entire lives.

This goes against what we’ve always been told we need to do. 

Heck, many of us have been frustrated by our lack of results when even thinking “But I eat so clean!”

But what if this focus on “clean eating,” this focus on eating less, is what is truly holding you back?

Because it is….

What I’m telling you is that not only is this not too good to be true, but it’s actually what you need to do to succeed.

This isn’t some magic pill though. Some quick fix. Some supplement. 

It’s simple. But it’s not easy.

It means going back to basics and really understanding how we’re fueling.

Honestly it’s not sexy…it’s boring.

But are you really looking for something sexy and complicated? 

You’re looking for results.

And getting distracted by every new fancy, hyped up fad has kept you stuck like that hamster on a wheel - working really hard without ever moving forward.

That’s why I’m going to help you truly understand the portions you need to succeed so you can strike the lifestyle balance right for you.

Because one size doesn’t fit all. 

Results come from creating the healthiest version of our PERSONAL lifestyle balance. 

But finding our balance means LEARNING the fundamentals of nutrition - understanding our portions and macros so we can adjust them over time.

But basics aren’t sexy to sell.  

And most fad diets don’t really want to teach you what you need to succeed long term because it’s hard and they don’t care if you succeed.

Now you could be thinking, “But don’t you just want to sell me on a program too?”

Yes, yes I do.

But I want to sell you the last one you’ll ever need. Because then you’ll be a walking advertisement.

All of your friends will ask you how you do it and still enjoy that margarita with chips and guac at happy hour on Friday nights.

And you’ll know it’s all because you went against what the diet industry would have you believe.

Because once you embrace the fact that you’ve got to take things back to basics and embrace the learning process over searching for a fast-fix, you can learn to fuel your body and enjoy the foods you love all while building your leanest, strongest body EVER no matter your age.
What’s stopping you from making a change right now?
The longer you hesitate, the more you create metabolic adaptations, poor dieting practices and actually move yourself FURTHER from achieving your goals.

Because in life there really is no starting over. 

Everything we are doing is impacting the results we achieve tomorrow.

So every second you wait to make a change is time you’re actually moving away from your goals.

And the most annoying part is….

Our bodies, as well as our minds, don’t like change.

It’s why it gets HARDER AND HARDER to lose the weight and gain the muscle we want the longer we haven’t been where we’d like to be.

Our body is literally “programmed” to resist change - it’s in our best interest in terms of survival.

But it’s also why you can’t keep putting off embracing those nutritional fundamentals any longer - it’s why you can’t keep resisting learning about macros. 

Take action today so you can see better results FASTER!

Now if you’re thinking “this sounds fabulous. But why should I trust you?”
I get it.

I can share a ton of photos of me being lean just like 1000s of other people on social media and all that proves is what I can achieve personally.

It doesn’t mean it will work for you.

It doesn’t mean I can replicate those results for you.

It’s why I want to share the amazing changes my clients around the world have achieved…clients who’ve been in your exact same shoes. 

Clients who didn’t believe it was possible for them.

And because I’m so dedicated to changing the way we all approach dieting, I’m not just coming at this from my own perspective.

I’m not letting my personal biases get in the way of data and I’m constantly learning and growing to bring my clients the best possible results. 

It’s why I have dietitians on my team who help me make sure I’m not only helping you achieve amazing results but also doing so in a balanced, healthy and sustainable way.

You want to look and feel your best, even as you get older, and that’s why you want a nutritional plan that evolves with you and keeps your best interests in mind!

And that’s exactly what my Macro Hacks does.

It provides you with the recipe you need to achieve amazing results without cutting out the foods you love or creating metabolic adaptations that ultimately sabotage you long-term.

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, train for an endurance race, maintain your results (yes this is a PROCESS itself) or even deal with period cravings and menopause, my Macro Hacks will teach you how to adjust your macros to feel and look your best.

It will show you what YOU need to succeed and actually give you the education you deserve so you aren’t just left searching for another diet wondering if anything will work long-term for you.

Because reaching a goal isn’t simply about doing one thing then going back to what you were doing prior.

However, we also won’t ever just do one thing FOREVER.

A lifestyle means evolution over time...
So if you are looking for the best results of your life, your leanest, strongest body EVER as you get older, this program is for you.

It isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

Let’s face it, nothing worth having, achieving amazing results, is ever easy. No one can do it for you either.

You’ve got to put in the work…

But this program shows you how!

Sustainable results better and faster
Take a step back to learn what YOU need and dial in those fundamentals to see not only better results FASTER but finally be able to maintain your results long-term with a sustainable lifestyle.

If you’re ready to accelerate your results without the usual dieting restriction or hunger, if you’re ready to achieve your leanest, strongest body EVER, then my Macro Hacks program is right for you.

These amazing clients were in your shoes, worrying that they’d just be spending MORE money, working SUPER HARD to ultimately not see the results they wanted.

But they took action and it paid off. All of these clients used the nutrition protocols in the Macro Hacks Method
Are you ready to...
  • Lose the fat that seems to slowly be creeping on year after year?
  • Gain the lean muscle you know will not only keep you functionally stronger as you get older but also look FABULOUS in your tank top and shorts?
  • Avoid the dreaded menopausal weight gain?
  • Fuel your training to PR in your next race?
  • Build your leanest, strongest, FITTEST body at any and every age while MAINTAINING it long term without cutting out foods you actually LOVE?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions the Macro Hacks Method is Perfect for you.

In the Macro Hacks program you'll find
  • Goal Based Dieting Strategies - There are sections that breakdown strategies for losing fat, gaining muscle,  dieting for a six pack, endurance training, managing hormones (ahem, menopause) maintaining and more!
  • The Macro Hacks Method Digital Guides - Get instant access to the guides in PDF format and for Kindle and Apple Books
  • 16 Different Meal Plans - Need help planning your meals? The Macro Hacks includes 16 different meal plans you can implement from day 1
  • 200+ Macro Friendly Recipes -Delicious recipes to help you hit your goals without eating bland and boring food
  • Macro Snacks and Cravings Guide - Satisfy your cravings and learn to eat out with easy to use swaps guides.
You deserve this!
Now you still may be thinking, “I need to think about it. I just don’t know…”

But how long have you been wanting to see results?

How long have you been struggling on your own?

How many supplements, fad diets, apps and cheap online membership have you bought to just end up in the exact same spot…or even worse off?! 

Don’t you DESERVE the results you’ve been working so hard to try and achieve?

What would it be worth to you to simply find the TRUTH behind your fat loss and muscle gaining struggles?

What would it be worth to you to feel confident and full and fueled? To get off that dieting roller coaster once and for all?

It comes down to 3 options
  • Do Nothing - Keep wanting something new and better without taking action to make a change.
  • Try it by yourself- Keep throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping something sticks going at it alone trying to string things together from random posts and videos…taking one step forward to ultimately take 2 steps back.
  •  Accelerate your results using the Macro Hacks Method - Take a step back to learn what YOU need and dial in those fundamentals to see not only better results FASTER but finally be able to maintain your results long-term with a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Rock-Solid 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you join The Macro Hacks Method, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you in 30 days we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us – no questions asked.
You’re here because NOTHING has worked before
Maybe it worked for a day, a week, heck maybe even a year.

But ultimately it wasn’t sustainable or your body, needs and goals changed, leaving you feeling lost as to what to do.

And because of your previous dieting history, you’re now struggling to see the results you deserve.

You don’t have to be that hamster on a wheel any longer.

Achieve your leanest, strongest body at any and every age. And yes, eat more and restrict less.

Take that step to feel like your most fabulous self today… 

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